Carter-Finley Stadium

Carter-Finley Stadium Seating Chart

Forget "nosebleeds" and cramped corners – Carter-Finley Stadium's seating is a fan's dream. From the heart-pounding roar of the lower bowl to the panoramic view of the field from the upper deck, every seat guarantees an electrifying experience. Feel the pulse of the Wolfpack faithful in the vibrant south endzone or soak in the strategic brilliance from the press box sidelines.

No matter where you sit, you're part of the action, close enough to feel the grass tremble after a Wolfpack touchdown, and immersed in the electric energy that makes Carter-Finley a true college football experience. So ditch the seat anxiety, grab your red and white, and prepare to be swept away by the unparalleled atmosphere – every seat at Carter-Finley is the perfect one for experiencing Wolfpack football glory!

With a seating capacity of 56,919 seats, Carter-Finley Stadium provides a great experience to cheer on your NC State Wolfpack!

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Carter-Finley Statium seating chart diagram